BONUS Guide - 50 Examples of Behavioural Interview Questions

In this bonus guide, we've included 50 examples of the kinds of behavioural interview questions you might encounter during a job interview. This guide can be used in conjunction with the lesson "Behavioural Interviews - How to Prepare and Respond".

The purpose of providing this guide is to:

  • Help you to become more familiar with the format and style of behavioural interview questions
  • Provide additional practice questions to help you prepare for real interviews.

The questions 'tap into' a range of different skills and capabilities that might be required for different roles - as such, we recommend focusing on those questions that could be relevant for the specific roles that you are applying for, and considering how you would respond to those.

Don't panic - you definitely don't need to think of answers for all of the questions! We've just provided a broad range of questions for your reference.

Finding Additional Examples

If you want to find more example questions, it’s easy – simply Google the name of the specific skill you think is relevant (e.g. “planning”, “time management”, “customer service”) combined with the words “behavioural interview questions” and you’ll find a lot of websites with additional questions. A helpful tip – you’ll find even more questions if you spell “behavioural” as “behavioral” instead – this is how it is spelled in the United States, and more results typically come up if you write it this way.

(NOTE - be aware that some questions you find online won’t be written well, meaning that they aren’t technically “behavioural” questions – whereas you can be sure that the questions we’ve included are definitely “behavioural”.)


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